Week 3 – Day 1

deploy the website: put something into production or put the website into production. install october which isĀ  laravel based cms. server called newsimland which is run using PuTTy. web accessibility: how well you can access it, a person who has a restricted ablitlity and can still use the website. implementatiuon plan: what is the purpose…Read more Week 3 – Day 1


Week 2 – Day 2

laravel, server apachi and meteor server nojs. all use mysql as the database. capture: select a shop window to show that you're not a robot (captcha). granular concept: you can change the levels of security. active directiry service: standard service used by users. new database system mongodb.  

Content management systems. The security issues are very important. Hackers can have access to the database system if the security isnt proper. Def: Something that searches across info sources both structured and unstructured. 2 types: content managed by organisation and content on web. CMS used for websites, shops, portals. Web CMS helps you change the…Read more

Week 1 – Day 1

Introduction to Web Technologies and a brief run over the course outline. Split up into teams of two. Team name: Team 50. Design a website. A few details about the practice project we have to complete in teams, the website specifications and designing that the client wants for the hiking service website.    

Research 701

Research 701 has helped me understand what research actually is. I always had a basic idea about the word, but never knew what it was like to implement it. The class taught me the theory behind the word as well as how to use it for practical approach. Maintaining the blog has been the hardest…Read more Research 701

Client - Student Association User - People who use it; students Development Team - Project Manager - Welly Graphic Designer - Ack, ... Requirement Analyst (talks to client) - Welly Programmer (Second Life script) - Dunedin DBA - Welly Requirements - Sprints - 2 to 3 weeks (kickoff meeting -> sprint meeting) Did everyone agree…Read more