Research 701

Research 701 has helped me understand what research actually is. I always had a basic idea about the word, but never knew what it was like to implement it. The class taught me the theory behind the word as well as how to use it for practical approach. Maintaining the blog has been the hardest…Read more Research 701

Client - Student Association User - People who use it; students Development Team - Project Manager - Welly Graphic Designer - Ack, ... Requirement Analyst (talks to client) - Welly Programmer (Second Life script) - Dunedin DBA - Welly Requirements - Sprints - 2 to 3 weeks (kickoff meeting -> sprint meeting) Did everyone agree…Read more

Week 11, Day 2 – SQL Exercise (Subqueries)

1st Query: SELECT OrderID, OrderDate, ( SELECT SUM(Quantity) FROM [dbo].[OrderItem] WHERE OrderID = 20005 ) As TotalQuantity FROM [dbo].[OrderEntry] WHERE OrderID = 20005;   Result:   Comments: Lists the ¬†OrderID, OrderDate and TotalQuantity summed for 2005. There is no correlation here. The same date i.e 2005 has been repeated in the main query and the…Read more Week 11, Day 2 – SQL Exercise (Subqueries)